Size (“) Price ($) Per Unit ($) Units/Box Product Code Availability
3.5×1.5×10 32.50 0.0325 1000 KBPS1000 In Stock
5x2x10 42.50 0.0425 1000 KBPM1000 In Stock
7x3x10 47.50 0.0475 1000 KBPL1000 In Stock
6×3.6×11 48.50 0.0485 1000 KBPXL1000 In Stock

GS’s Prescription Bags Kraft Pharmacy Rx

Kraft prescription bags are a great addition to your dispensary supply needs. These RX bags offer a design that is widely used by clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and marijuana dispensaries. They offer a printed front design of a RX symbol with “Thank You” printed on the back side. Professional and cost efficient.