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19 39.95 0.178 225 PPVST19 In Stock
30 39.95 0.266 150 PPVST30 In Stock
60 39.95 0.533 75 PPVST60 In Stock

GS’s Philips Rx Pop Top Bottles Opaque Strawberry

These Philips RX pharmacy vials are the highest quality in packaging containers for collectives and dispensaries. They meet the standards of the ASTM and are CPSC child resistant certified for Colorado use. Philips pop tops are designed to keep medical and legal marijuana medication fresh due to their airtight and moisture resistant features.  Their opaque quality make them sunlight resistant to ensure the best storage qualities that Philips pop top bottles has to offer, and their squeeze top bottle design with the signature popping sound makes it easy to use and is well recognized with consumers and businesses alike.  Cost effective, child proof, and highly popular.